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Best Tripod Upgrade for beginners

Recently, my old Sonia Ph 220 tripod broke down, and I needed a newer one. As a consumer who sporadically uses tripod, I had a few specific characteristics to look for in my next tripod.

  • Have at least a height of 5feet – One the disappointment with my previous tripod was that even in full stretch, it couldn’t go beyond 4’7″. On several occasions, these missing inches really left me craving for more.
  • Folded length should be < 20″ – Unless you’re a pro who needs the best of the tripod and doesn’t mind keeping it as a separate luggage item, you’d like normal users (like me) would want something that doesn’t give you packaging nightmares, especially for flight travels.
  • The Weight Hook

    Once, I went to a beach with my old tripod, the tripod struggled to withstand gale. I had to dig it 2-3 inches into the sand before risking my camera. Several tripods have a weight hook to hook some weight which keeps tripod stable. With my past experience, I wanted this in the new one.
  • Triple leg partition – Compact tripods are so because of the three adjustment layers of the legs. This gives more flexibility when you want to shoot closer to the surface and also results in a better-folded length.

Comparison of Tripods meeting aforementioned need

Brand Berno T880EX Yunteng Vct690 Mactrem PT55 Gold JMary 
Weight Hook NoYesYes Yes 
Min Height 19.29″ 18.89″ 19.7 19.68 
Max Height 5.3ft 4.7ft 5ft 5.2ft 
Weight 1.76kg 1.3Kg 1.2kg 1.2kg 
Price 2,500 (50%) 1,949 (35%) 3,499 (56%) 2,500 
Supported KG  4kg5Kg 5Kg 
Amazon Ratings  69% NONE  
Crank Wheel YesYesYesYES 
Releasable Plate   YesYes
comparison of Tripods on Amazon

Rejected Tripods

Digitek DTR 590 VD PRO Tripod‚ÄØ
(2 sections only & 2+kg weight) 

Eloies Simpex Long Lightweight Professional VCT-690RM Aluminium
Hardly bought 

Everyone Pro Tripod with Damping Head Fluid
Only 4ft

Less ratings 

Berno 660
21″ folded 

4ft only 

Simpex VCT899
26″ when folded


If you’re looking for a light-weight and compact tripod for normal use, go for it!

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