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Get GBs of free space by cleaning up iMovie files

If you often use iMovie for creating movies, it’s likely that you’d soon run out of storage space if your source files are large (To me any file around a GB or more is large). This is so because when you import files to iMovie it creates copies of it.

How to check if iMovie is causing storage issue?

Search for iMovie Library.imovielibrary in finder. You’ll see a file and it’s size is what iMovie is keeping to support your project files. If you find it really huge, move to solution-1.

Solution – 1

Your best bet is to navigate to projects and remove projects. However, even after removing all projects you might find the file to be taking huge space. If so, move to Solution – 2.

Solution – 2

Switch the Media Tab and you might be surprised with the number of old movies and projects. This is the place you should clean up media from to get some storage back. Using Delete Event option, you can delete a specific file or entire project. These are copies and doesn’t alter your original source. I’ve reclaimed over 10GB of storage through this.

Solution – 3 – Still not getting space.. Check this!

  1. Search for iMovie Library.imovielibrary in finder
  2. Right Click and select Show Package Contents
    This will open it like a folder in finder
  3. Look for the folder called _Trash which is likely still holding all the files you thought were deleted. Clear the _Trash folder and select all folders in it and choose move to bin
  4. Clear your bin and you’d be surprised on storage reclaimed.
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